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Fraudster busted after pretending to be in coma for two years to avoid prosecution

By Mason White 5:04 PM October 22, 2014
Alan and Helen Knight 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A man and his wife pulled off an elaborate scheme to scam a neighbor out of his money and to avoid prosecution.

The man pretended to be in a coma for over two years, even spending time at the hospital for his “condition” to avoid prosecution.

Conman Alan Knight of Swansea, South Wales, pretended to be in a vegetative state after swindling his elderly neighbor out of 40,000 pounds (about $66,000).

However, he was captured by police after he was spotted shopping with his family at a Tesco supermarket.

The 47-year-old man tried to evade justice by claiming that he was a quadriplegic. His wife posted photos of herself caring for her “bed-ridden” husband while claiming that he was connected to oxygen and had no movement from the neck down.

However, a court heard that he was caught after several surveillance videos showed him driving his car and walking into Tesco.

Knight was receiving government assistance after claiming he had suffered an injury to the neck, which caused him to be a quadriplegic.

His wife Helen, 33, said that she had to care for her husband, who had broken his neck by falling backwards while pulling down a garage door.

However, the entire time, he was carrying out an elaborate three year scheme by draining the life savings and shares from his neighbor, Ivor Richards, the court heard.

On two occasions, officers attempted to bring Knight to court to face fraud charges, but every time, he was admitted to the hospital, claiming that his condition had worsened.

However, he was not able to fool doctors in the hospital. A doctor witnessed Knight eating, wiping his face and even writing while he was allegedly in a coma.

When Knight was told that he would have to stand trial even if he did not appear in court, he finally agreed to show up. His wife brought him to court in a wheelchair and wearing a neck brace.

In court, Knight pleaded guilty to 19 separate counts of forgery, fraud and theft. He will be sentenced next month.