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Man busted for secretly having four wives, seven fiancees and five girlfriends

By Mason White 5:08 PM October 22, 2014
Sonko Tijan 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man was arrested after the women in his life discovered that he was a chronic cheater, liar and fraudster.

28-year-old Sonko Tijan broke a record in Austria, for bigamy by dating many women at one time.

Interestingly enough, he managed to do so without any of them knowing of one another.

Tijan was finally caught in Vienna, after two of his wives realized that they were married to the same man and confronted him.

When Tijan was confronted by the women, he escaped. The two filed a complaint with the police. During an investigation into the life of Tijan, police learned that he was in a relationship with 16 different women, all of whom believed that they were in an exclusive relationship with him including three who were married to him.

Tijan seduced the women from around the country, and used them for room and board. He also borrowed money from them, which he never returned.

His downfall came after he met Sonko Tijan, who thought she had found the love of her life. She was swept off her feet by Tijan, after meeting him in a bar.

The 28-year-old woman, who is originally from Gambia, said that he told her that he felt the same way, and after a short romance and against the advice of his family, she married him.

After a year of a happy marriage she became pregnant. One day, while browsing Facebook, she spotted a man who looked exactly like her husband, but with another woman.

She sent the woman a message, and the two soon realized that when Tijan was with one of them, he was
never with the other.

Tijan has children with many wives, and two of his girlfriends are currently pregnant.

His youngest lover is 22 years old and the oldest is 44 years old. There is another woman whom he married in his home country, and they also have children.