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Grandmother hires football coach to kill teenage grandson so she can steal his inheritance

By Mason White 5:14 PM October 22, 2014
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By: Chan Yuan
A woman was arrested after she hired a man to kill her grandson.

75-year-old Evelyn Mpofu of Zimbabwe, hired her neighbor, who was her grandson’s football coach, to kill him.

Police said that Skipa Ngwenya, 45, admitted to putting poison in the food of the 18-year-old grandson after he was hired by Mpofu to do so.

Mpofu allegedly told the coach that she wanted her grandson, Mxolisi Nkomo, dead so that she could get the house he inherited from his father, who recently died.

Mpofu promised to pay the man. However, when she failed to keep the promise after her grandson’s death, Ngwenya went to police to expose the woman.

Mpofu allegedly wanted to take over the house in Bulawayo, which her grandson inherited from his father, who was her son.

Mpofu initially said that her grandson collapsed and died from respiratory problems, and the matter was treated as a sudden death.

However, after the football coach came to police, a medical report confirmed that Nkomo died of food poisoning.