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Young woman arrested after stealing from her dead neighbor’s home while his body was decomposing (video)

By Mason White 4:35 PM October 23, 2014
Jana Guzalak 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A young woman was arrested on charges of burglary after she allegedly broke into her dead neighbor’s home while he was decomposing on the floor, police in Florida said.

St. Petersburg Police said that they arrested 26-year-old Jana Guzalak on Thursday, after being accused of stealing from her dead neighbor.

Detectives found the decomposing body of 79-year-old John Robert Hapke Jr. at the home located at 460 N. 30th Avenue. His body was so decomposed that a coroner will have to determine the cause of death.

Foul play is not suspected at this time. Police said that Guzalak, who lives two doors down, entered the home at least three times in recent weeks.

She took tools, electronics, credit cards, collector coins and cash. Police said she admitted to pawning the items and using his credit cards at a grocery store nearby.