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New Coca-Cola vending machine gives away soda in exchange for hug

By Mason White 5:58 PM October 23, 2014
Coca-Cola hug vending machine 

By: Feng Qian
A new vending machine that gives away soda in exchange for hugs was placed in a college.

The Coca-Cola machine that was placed at the Student Rec Centre in Canada, releases free cans of beverages after you give it a warm hug.

The consumer has to put both arms around the machine in order for it to respond. The cans carry family and friendly labels such as Mom, Dad, best friend and family.

This is not the first Coca-Cola hug vending machine. Coca-Cola has placed such a vending machine in Singapore.

The idea was part of the “Open Happiness” campaign of the company designed to target young people in a marketing gimmick based on gestures.

Students of the National University of Singapore, were surprised to find that the soft drinks giant’s machine was deployed on campus overnight.

All students had to do for a Diet Coke is give the machine a warm hug.