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Woman dies after eating wild mushrooms she picked and prepared for a romantic dinner with her husband

By Mason White 3:31 PM October 26, 2014
Mushrooms illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman died after eating poisonous mushroom that she picked in order to share a romantic dinner with her husband, doctors in Spain said.

The 56-year-old woman of Gerona, picked the highly toxic mushrooms herself earlier in the day, in the woods near her home.

The couple returned home to cook the mushrooms they had found.

However, the woman fell ill the next morning, and after suffering multiple organ failures, she died in a hospital just four hours after she checked herself in.

Her husband also fell ill, but he is now in stable condition.

Doctors said that the mushrooms the couple ate are greenish and closely resemble other edible species, but can cause fatal damage to the liver and kidneys.

Just one ounce is enough to kill a human.

The toxic mushrooms smell and taste good, so those who eat them rarely realize that they are toxic until it is too late.