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Man digs up 150 dead girls and dresses them for group parties

By Mason White 3:33 PM October 26, 2014
Anatoly Moskvin 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was arrested on charges of violating a corpse after he allegedly dug up 150 child graves and dressed them up for parties, prosecutors in Russia said.

Now, 46-year-old Anatoly Moskvin of Novgorod, was ordered to stay in a psychiatric clinic after being deemed unfit to stand trial.

According to the police investigation, Moskvin visited more than 700 cemeteries to search for female bodies aged between three and twelve.

After locating each victim, he dug up the body, dressed it up and placed it in his home. Moskvin was arrested after his parents visited him and discovered his horrific collections of dead bodies.

He has been under observation since then to assess his mental state. Doctors told a court that the suspect is a genius and can speak 13 languages.

However, after an evaluation at a psychiatric clinic, doctors believe that Moskvin is not mentally competent to stand trial.