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Best friends dump their boyfriends in order to marry each other in lesbian affair

By Mason White 4:23 PM October 26, 2014
Zoe Ross and Holly Anderson 

By: Chan Yuan
Two best friends of the United Kingdom, dumped their boyfriends in order to pursue their lesbian affair full time.

The incident began when two guy pals introduced their girlfriends to each other at a birthday party.

Ashley Mills arrived at his friend Dave’s 28th birthday party along with his girlfriend Zoe Ross. There she met Holly Anderson, who was dating Dave.

For both women, there was an instant attraction, and Ashley and Dave were dumped. Now, Zoe and Holly are married, and they are trying to have a baby through artificial insemination.

Zoe apologized and said that she never intended to hurt anyone, claiming that they just fell in love.

Zoe also said that if it were not for Ashley, she would have never known the person with whom she was destined to spend the rest of her life.

Zoe and Holly, both 26 years old and of Eastleigh, began to spend all their free time together. They went shopping, enjoyed making each other’s makeup and spent their nights partying.

After three months of being just best friends, Zoe found herself kissing Holly, in a club during a drunken night out. Within weeks, she and Holly were having sex while continuing to be with their boyfriends.

Eventually, the two told their boyfriends about the affair. Zoe and Holly decided to leave and start a new life in New Milton.

Zoe and Holly, both students of biology at the University of Portsmouth, got married in a civil ceremony and will have a church service soon.

They are also trying to have a baby with sperm donated by a stranger, who contacted them through a gay website. Meanwhile, Dave and Ashley said that they both moved on with their lives.