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Thief calls police and accidentally confesses his crime

By Mason White 9:40 AM October 26, 2014
Aaron Burrell, Marvin Myers, and Yvonne Thyberg 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) Three people are behind bars after one of them called police and accidentally confessed to committing a crime.

The incident took place in New Mexico, after the three people, two men and a woman, robbed a home and then discussed the robbery.

During their conversation, one of the thieves pocket dialed police. A dispatcher heard the conversation among the group as they described how they broke into the residence where they stole a television valued at $4,500.

In the call that lasted about 45 minutes, the men gave the address of the home they burglarized and they detailed their escape from police.

Officers were sent to check on the house that was mentioned in the accidental 911 call, and found that the house in the 300 block of East Hervey, had actually been broken into.

Police tracked the phone to Aaron Burrell, who is a married man.

Burrell, 37, Marvin Myers, 30, and Yvonne Thyberg, 35, all of Roswell, were arrested on burglary charges.