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New death ride at theme park gives people a chance to be cremated

By Mason White 9:52 AM October 26, 2014
Cremation stimulator 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) People can now experience cremation before they are dead.

The 4D Death Simulator has opened at the Window Of The World theme park in China.

People are lining up to get a chance to experience the afterlife. Participants go inside a wooden coffin in a mock morgue before the ride pushes them into a “furnace,” which is heated to a sweltering 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ting Shen, 22, said: “you really feel like you are being burned alive.”

A spokesperson for the park in Shenzhen, said that customers can walk around the morgue first to get the feel how it would be if they were cremated.

“People have a morbid fascination with death and with afterlife, and this is a great way to experience both,” the spokesperson said.

The attraction so far has only appealed to younger crowds. Yue Wan Ho, 43, said that she ​​went to the morgue with her children, “who could not wait to get into the coffin.” However, “it is little too weird for me,” she said.

“I think I’ll wait until my time comes to actually try it,” Ho added.