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3 men arrested for buying too many baby diapers

By Mason White 4:23 PM October 27, 2014
Baby diapers illustration 

By: Feng Qian
Three men were arrested after they were caught buying too many baby diapers, police in Japan said.

The Hyogo Prefectural Police said that they arrested the tree man of China on Wednesday, and they are expected to be deported back to their country.

The incident began when the three men entered the country on work visas. However, their real intention was to buy as many diapers as possible and send them back to buyers in China, in violation of their visas.

According to police, in a span of five days, the men bought 990 packages of diapers produced by Nippon Paper Industries from 267 stores.

In total, the three men managed to hoard more than 40,000 baby diapers. The diapers were stored in a warehouse. They were meant to be shipped to China, and sold for a premium.