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Russia warns youngsters to stop taking selfies to avoid head lice

By Mason White 1:13 PM October 28, 2014
Two women taking selfie illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
The Health Ministry of Russia, warned youngsters to stop taking selfies as the practice spreads head lice.

Officials said that the selfie craze, in which people squeeze together to fit into a small picture, is the main reason for the spread of parasites.

“Taking pictures in close range to the head of another person means that lice can jump from one head to another,” the ministry warned.

The ministry noted that doctors have banned children with head lice from going to school. In August, A 5-year-old was severely burned after her mother used gasoline to get rid of lice in her hair.

Shana Suggs, 25, of McAlester, Oklahoma, was arrested after she poured gasoline over her daughter’s hair to get rid of head lice, but instead, the girl caught on fire.

According to police, Suggs attempted to treat the lice problem when she took the girl to the bathroom and poured gasoline over the child’s head.

Investigators determined that a nearby water heater ignited the gasoline fumes, causing burns to both Suggs and her daughter.

Suggs’ boyfriend, Dylan Webster, heard screams coming from the bathroom. He found Suggs and her daughter in flames and used a jacket to smother the flames, but not before the girl suffered severe burns.

Prosecutors said that the girl suffered second and third degree burns over 60 percent of her body. Suggs suffered minor burns. Four other children were in the home at the time of the fire.

After an investigation, the mother was booked into the Pittsburg County Jail and charged with child abuse by injury. Suggs’ bail was set at $25,000 bond.