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Female prison guard caught working at brothel

By Mason White 2:36 PM October 28, 2014
Prostitute illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A female prison officer was forced to quit her job after she was caught working at a brothel, police in Austria said.

Prison officials of Vienna, became concerned when they learned that the prison officer is supplementing her income by working part-time at the brothel.

Instead of serving customers directly, the guard was responsible for the security of the brothel and collecting cash from customers who refused to pay for services.

An administrative tribunal reviewed the case as a disciplinary offense, and decided that prison guards cannot participate in any activities related to prostitution despite the fact that prostitution is legal in the country.

The woman had told officials that she had a secondary source of income at a local business, but was not specific as to the nature of the business.

The panel decided that the woman must quit her job at the brothel and pay a fine equivalent to three months salary.