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Police sergeant seen punching his girlfriend in the face after arguing over cellphone

By Mason White 3:49 PM October 28, 2014
Darren Cachola 

By: Chan Yuan
A police sergeant was stripped of his gun and badge after a video emerged, showing him punching his girlfriend, police in Hawaii said.

The Honolulu Police Department said that the officer is under investigation after several videos appears to show him assaulting his girlfriend.

In the first video, which was recorded on Monday, Sergeant Darren Cachola is seen repeatedly beating his girlfriend before his colleagues intervened.

The assault took place after closing time at a Waipahu restaurant, where the woman works. The woman told investigators that they were just fooling around.

A second video, which was recorded less than an hour before the restaurant incident, shows the couple fighting at a shopping center in Waipahu.

The woman jumped on the officer’s back and the police officer slammed her into a wall. The woman suffered extreme pain in her head.

Witnesses said that the two were arguing over a cell phone.

Cachola, who has been with the Honolulu Police Department for 18 years, has been stripped of his gun and badge, and placed desk duty.