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Woman pretends to be pregnant before kidnapping her sister’s newborn baby

By Mason White 11:21 AM October 28, 2014
Kristen Smith 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman received a long prison sentence for kidnapping her sister’s baby.

Kristen Smith, 31, of Aurora, Colorado, seemed to be jealous of her half sister.

She came up with a plan to kidnap her nephew, who was only a few days old, from his home in Wisconsin.

Smith visited the child’s parents just before the baby disappeared, prosecutors said. However, she claimed that she had no knowledge of the child’s disappearance.

When police were closing in on her, Smith left the baby, Kayden Powell, wrapped in blankets inside a handbag 200 miles away from her home in Beloit.

He was found unharmed a day later, behind a gas station in Iowa.

Prosecutors in Wisconsin, believed that Smith pretended to be pregnant after a prosthetic pregnancy belly was found in her car. She posted on Facebook that she was pregnant.

Smith was found guilty of the charges and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. She also received 10 years of supervised release.