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Police forced to pay after stealing man’s alcohol at airport and replacing it with water

By Mason White 11:25 AM October 28, 2014
Alcohol illustration  

By: Wayne Morin
Police in Sweden, confiscated a man’s alcohol and drank its contents before refilling the bottles with water.

Now, the police have agreed to pay 16,000 kronor (about $2,200) in damages.

The incident began when the man returned from a trip to Germany, with a large amount of alcohol including wine, beer and spirits.

Police suspected that the man had violated alcohol laws so they confiscated the beverages, and later raided his home and confiscated more drinks.

The charges against him were eventually dropped.

However, when authorities finally sent the confiscated alcohol back to the owner, he quickly realized that many bottles were missing.

He also discovered that at least five bottles of vodka and gin, were consumed and replaced with water. Police admitted to negligence in the case.