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Tourist jailed for 10 days after sexually assaulting waitress

By Mason White 12:27 PM October 29, 2014
Seafood restaurant illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A young man was arrested after sexually assaulting a waitress during his trip to China.

The 26-year-old foreign visitor, who was identified only as Ueda, was with his father on a business trip in Dalian.

Ueda decided to eat in a private room at a seafood restaurant. After the drinks started flowing, Ueda said that he “lost control of himself,” grabbed the waitress and forcefully hugged her.

He finally let go when the waitress, who was identified as Zhang, began screaming for help.

Ueda then attacked another staff member, who criticized him for his sexual advances. He destroyed a restaurant chair in the process.

A few locals at the restaurant wanted to jump the tourist and “teach the foreigner a lesson,” but then decided to hold him down until police arrive.

Ueda was arrested and admitted to his crimes. He was ordered to spend 10 days in jail and was given a fine of 500 yuan (about $81).