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Hospital worker caught having sex with female dead body

By Mason White 1:17 PM October 30, 2014

By: Feng Qian
A hospital worker was arrested on charges of violating a corpse after allegedly being caught having sex with a female dead body, police in Papua New Guinea said.

Police spokesman David Terry said that the incident unfolded at the Port Moresby General Hospital late Wednesday night.

A private security guard noticed that the lights were turned off in a room behind the main morgue, and went to investigate. The door was unlocked and the security guard entered the room.

He turned the lights on, and he observed the suspect making out with the naked dead body.

The woman’s dead body had been transferred from the emergency room that day after being killed in a hit-and-run incident.

Medical personnel found the suspect’s DNA on the woman. The identities of the suspect and the deceased woman have not been released.

Police arrested the hospital worker, and he faces charges of interfering with a corpse.