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Woman crashes her car into medical facility after not being allowed to donate plasma (video)

By Mason White 5:29 PM October 30, 2014
Pamela Miller 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly driving her car into a medical facility after staff refused to accept her plasma donation, police in Florida said.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said that the woman, who was angry, intentionally crashed her car into the facility.

The woman’s red Honda, made it 40 feet into the building, sending 9 people to local hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.

The incident unfolded at DCI Biologicals, which is located in the 3700 block of Blanding Boulevard. 35-year-old Pamela Miller was arrested at the scene, and charged with aggravated assault.

According to the arrest report, multiple people saw Miller yelling profanities at the center’s employees. “I will just kill all of you in the building,” Miller said according to witnesses at the scene.