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New dating website uses DNA to find perfect matches (video)

By Mason White 6:15 PM October 30, 2014

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A new dating website is promising consumers perfect matches by using DNA.

“SingldOut” received $600,000 in funding after completing a six-month testing phase.

Site users are asked to take a DNA swab of themselves and send it to the company. The company then looks at specific parts of the genetic code to help determine the romantic compatibility among users.

It focuses on three genes that play a role in the biological compatibility.

The company said that it has redesigned its website, and sent out DNA kits to members, who enrolled during the testing phase.

“Upon registering with SingldOut, members are sent a DNA test kit. To assess the biological compatibility of its members, SingldOut examines immune system genes, which play a role in attraction, as well as serotonin transporter genes, which play a role in determining how someone might react in certain situations. Results from the DNA test are posted on the user’s profile and can be compared with the results of other users,” the company said in a statement.