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Couple thrown off bus for singing offensive song to their toddler

By Mason White 10:27 AM October 30, 2014
Nick Barnfield, Sarah Cleaves and Heidi 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A bus driver in England, ordered a couple off the bus for singing to their toddler.

Nick Barnfield and Sarah Cleaves, were traveling on a bus with her ​​daughter Heidi.

They were making their way from Sheffield to Doncaster, when the 15-month-old child began to cry.

In an effort to calm their daughter, the couple began singing the Peppa Pig theme song.

The couple, who lives in Rotherham, said that a woman wearing a hijab, took offense at the snoring sounds of a pig in the song.

The woman reportedly thought that the couple was mocking her as pork is prohibited in Islam. She complained to the bus driver. The couple was accused of being racist, and were told to get off the bus.

“We were very ashamed, embarrassed and upset as we had not done anything wrong. We were just trying to make our child happy,” the child’s father, 24-year-old Nick Barnfield, said.

Brandon Jones, the head of external relations at the First Bus Group, said that the bus company is investigating the incident and that they have reviewed the surveillance footage from inside the bus.

“It does show the couple leaving the bus at the location they described, and it does show a conversation between a female customer on the bus and the driver before the driver spoke to the couple,” Jones said.

Below is the so called “offensive” Peppa Pig song.