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Man chokes new girlfriend because she looks nothing like her photos on Facebook

By Mason White 10:30 AM October 30, 2014
Cornelius Jefferson 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man moved to a different state to meet his hot-looking girlfriend, who he met online.

33-year-old Cornelius Jefferson moved from his home in Monroe, Georgia, to Kentucky, in the hope of being with the woman he met online.

However, after meeting the woman in person, Jefferson found that she had deceived him. She did not look as the person on the photos she posted on Facebook.

According to the Laurel County Sheriff’s Department, the couple met and got into an argument. Jefferson allegedly choked the woman and threw food at her before leaving her home on foot with his two suitcases.

Deputy Tyler Morris found Jefferson nearby on Litton Town Road. He was arrested on charges of fourth-degree assault.

Laurel County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Deputy Gilbert Acciardo Jr. said that this case offers a lesson about dealing with people on the Internet, where they can say whatever they want about themselves.