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Hospital slapped with lawsuit after conspiring with doctors to perform needless heart surgeries (video)

By Mason White 1:26 PM October 31, 2014
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By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A hospital in Indiana, was slapped with a multi-million dollar lawsuit after allegedly conspiring with doctors to perform needless heart surgeries on patients, according to court documents.

28 people signed onto the lawsuit filed against their cardiologist.

The plaintiffs claim that the hospital allowed the doctor to perform needless surgeries for years. One man died just a day after receiving a pacemaker, which was implanted at the Munster Community Hospital.

The operation was performed by an associate of Dr. Arvind Gandhi. Gandhi, his practice and the hospital are being blamed for the man’s death because that procedure was not necessary.

All plaintiffs claim that Gandhi recommended or performed hundreds of unnecessary heart surgeries, and they accuse the hospital staff of knowing about it.

Gandhi pockets millions of dollars after performing the unnecessary procedure, according to the lawsuit.