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School teaches kids to wash their nose after snorting cocaine

By Mason White 9:05 AM October 31, 2014
Drugs illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A school in Scotland, is causing controversy after it published books to teach kids the correct way to take drugs.

The pocket sized booklet, which is given to students as young as 13 years old, lists “safety tips” on how to take illegal drugs.

The booklet was produced by the Edinburgh Council and the city’s Drug and Alcohol Project. It includes the street names of drugs, the effects and risks of taking them, and safety tips on how to use those drugs.

Students are advised to sleep well before and after using cocaine. Avoid mixing cocaine with alcohol and to wash their nose after each session.

When taking MDMA or ecstasy, users are told to start with a half a pill and wait at least two hours, before taking another dose and to sip water regularly.

Cannabis smokers are advised to take short puffs when inhaling and not to share rolled-up bank notes while snorting cocaine to prevent infection.

Critics said that this booklet will make it seem fine for kids to smoke drugs. “I ​​do not know why anyone would put a pamphlet telling teenagers to take drugs safely. There is no safe way to take drugs,” Agnes Morrison said.

“The only safe guide is to not take drugs at all,” Morrison added. The council claimed that it was important to give children all the facts.