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Woman scratches Walmart employee to infect him with HIV

By Mason White 2:21 PM November 2, 2014
Diamond Lawrence 

By: Feng Qian
A woman was arrested on charges of assault after scratching a Walmart employee in order to infect him with HIV, police in Texas said.

Dallas Police said that at first, the woman tried to shoplift $11 worth of frozen food from Walmart.

After she was confronted by an employee, 25-year-old Diamond Lawrence was escorted back to the store. She boasted to the employee that she is HIV positive.

“I can infect whoever I please,” Lawrence said. Lawrence was wearing a medical bracelet that identified her as having HIV.

Lawrence smacked the Walmart associate in the face, and scratched his neck in order to draw blood and exposed it to the virus.

The employee was checked out by the Dallas Fire Department, and they determined that no bodily fluid was exchanged between the suspect and the victim.

Lawrence was booked into the Dallas County Jail. Her bail was set at $1,500.