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Man jumps into lake after being accused of stealing $6 at bar

By Mason White 5:27 PM November 2, 2014
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By: Wayne Morin
A man committed suicide after being accused of stealing $6 police in Nigeria said.

Ebonyi State Police said that 32-year-old Simon Mbam, killed himself after he was tortured by villagers for stealing N1,000 ($6) from a shop.

The incident began when the victim left his home on Saturday, to buy drinks with friends.

While Mbam and his friends were busy sipping their drinks, the bar owner complained that someone stole $6 from the cash register.

Mbam and his friends denied taking the cash from the register.

The bar owner called local villagers and they gave the suspects until the next day to return the money or face harsh consequences.

Later in the day, the stolen money was found on the doorstep of the bar. However, the villagers still wanted to carry out street justice.

Mbam, who confessed to the crime, was beaten by angry villagers until he lost consciousness. He was fined two goats, two cases of beer and N5,000 ($30) – which were paid by the Mbam’s mother.

The village chief demanded an additional N5,000 to resolve the matter without involving the police. This sent Mbam over the edge. He jumped into Aku Pond, where he drowned.

A spokesperson for the police said that so far, four people, including the head of the village, were arrested on charges of extortion.