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Man undergoes surgery to remove long fish from his behind

By Mason White 6:50 PM November 2, 2014
Eel illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A man checked himself into a hospital after experiencing pain in his backside, doctors in Brazil said.

X-rays showed that a long fish was stuck in his behind.

Doctors rushed the man into the operating room and removed the fish from his behind. A video of the procedure was uploaded to the Internet, and it has since gone viral.

The eel fish crept far up into the man, and it had become lodged in the intestines of the patient. On the video, people can be heard laughing and gasping in amazement as the operation nears its end.

A number of people used their camera phones and captured the moment the live creature was pulled from the man. The man was treated at the Hospital Universitario in Londrina, and has since been released.