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Orphaned girl, 13, ordered to pay back $12,500 in social security payments

By Mason White 3:42 PM November 2, 2014
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By: Mahesh Sarin
A girl lost her father, who died while he tried saving his friend from drowning.

So far, the girl received $12,500 from the sailor’s social security fund.

However, the 13-years-old girl of France, received a letter stating that she pay back the money because her fisherman father was killed on the job because he was “drunk” at the time of the accident.

Stephane Herault died of hypothermia at the port of Cherbourg, after falling into the water while trying to rescue one of his colleagues, who fell into the water.

As a result, his daughter Oceane, was entitled to a pension payment of about $6,500 plus $630 per month from an organization called the National Institution for Disabled Marines.

However, the teenager was given 15 days to return the money because her father had been drinking, which led to his death.

The order came after of the owner of the boat appealed the decision as Herault’s autopsy results showed that he was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Oceane’s mother, Karine Beringer, said that the decision to suspend the payments was “awful.” She said that most of the money was put into a bank account for his daughter’s future education.