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Man lands his plane outside bar to get a drink

By Mason White 7:03 PM November 3, 2014
The plane parked outside bar 

By: Chan Yuan
A man was arrested after landing his plane outside a bar in order to buy a drink, police in Australia said.

Newman Police said that the 37-year-old man who parked his plane outside the bar, will be charged for his reckless conduct.

“The suspect endangered the life, health and safety of residents for a glass of beer,” a police spokesperson said.

Police Sergeant Mark McKenzie said that the plane had its propeller in motion, and the wings were removed. The man steered the plane to a hotel, where he was questioned by police.

In August, a British pilot managed to land a passenger plane safely with only one arm after his artificial arm came off during landing.

The incident took place when the Flybe flight from Birmingham, carrying 47 passengers, was approaching Belfast City Airport.

The 46-year-old pilot said that he had checked his prosthetic left arm to make sure it was properly connected to the yoke clamp, but as he made the flare maneuver – a stage of the landing shortly before touchdown – his arm suddenly detached.

United Kingdom’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch said that the pilot then used his right hand to regain control of the yoke.

The winds caused the plane to land heavily. No one was injured in the incident.