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Man faces one year jail for buying lottery ticket

By Mason White 12:19 PM November 3, 2014
Mickey Stone insert 

By: Chan Yuan
A man of Indiana, is facing jail time after buying a scratch-off lottery.

Mickey Stone bought the scratch-off lottery ticket that won $900. However, when he went to cash it, Stone was informed that he may face charges for buying the ticket.

Authorities said that Stone, violated state law by buying that winning ticket at the liquor store in Winchester, where he worked.

Stone was charged this week, with illegal purchase of a lottery ticket by an employee, a misdemeanor that carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail.

The winning ticket was redeemed at Hoosier Lottery headquarters in downtown Indianapolis.

According to a report by Michael Bare, an investigator at the Hoosier Lottery, Stone bought the ticket at Hughes Pic-A-Pac, which is located at 226 W. Washington Street, while he worked at the store.

At first, Stone told the investigator that he bought the winning ticket in Huntington.

However, Bare told Stone that when lottery tickets are shipped to its 4,400 retailers, they are in an inactive state.

The tickets need to be activated in order for it to be recognized by the computer system. This can only be done by the lottery terminal in the store were the tickets are being sold.

Stone finally admitted that he bought the ticket at his workplace, and allegedly verified that he knew it was illegal to do so.