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Woman stabbed with a stiletto by female tourist while partying in New York City

By Mason White 12:26 PM November 3, 2014
Amanda Keisoglu 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A bachelorette party ended with one of the guests being stabbed with a stiletto.

Amanda Keisoglu, a dental assistant of New Jersey, was having a good time at her cousin’s bachelorette party with 12 friends on the rooftop of the Gansevoort Hotel, when she was stabbed.

The incident began when Marie Thys of Belgium, got into a fight with another person.

Keisoglu, 26, who never met Thys, said that woman was highly intoxicated when she was fighting with another patron and suddenly began pulling her arm.

“I felt my wrist being pulled, and this forced me to turn around,” Keisoglu said. She then kicked my inner thigh with her stilettos.

The shoe was stuck in Keisoglu’s leg until someone pulled it out. That is when her leg started gushing blood.

A friend helped her to the bathroom to clean herself before she was taken to a hospital, where he received intravenous antibiotics for her injury.

The wound was too deep for stitches and she was hospitalized for three days after the stabbing.

Keisoglu is now suing both Thys and the hotel for $5 million for not adequately preventing the fight.

She said that Thys was visibly intoxicated for several hours before the attack, but the bar continued to serve her drinks despite her being belligerent and violent against other patrons.

The lawsuit was filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court.