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Hunter shot in the head after being mistaken for squirrel

By Mason White 4:19 PM November 4, 2014
Hunter illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A hunter suffered serious injuries after being shot by a colleague, police in Wisconsin said.

The Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Department said that the incident unfolded in Gale, when one hunter saw movement by a tree.

Thinking that it was a squirrel, the hunter shot him. The shooter went over to the tree and realized that the target was a fellow hunter.

The shooter called rescuers, who transported the victim to a hospital with severe injuries on his head. Police have classified the shooting as an accident.

Last year, Thomas Grant of Pennsylvania, shot his 9-year-old cousin with a shotgun after mistaking her for a skunk. Grant was arrested on charges of reckless endangerment.

He pleaded no contest and sentenced to two years probation. After the shooting, the girl underwent surgery to repair damage to several internal organs and her spine.

She still undergoes regular testing for lead poisoning.