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17-year-old girl takes more than 20 showers before dying

By Mason White 10:29 AM November 4, 2014
Li Yue (insert) and her shower room 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Police are investigating the bizarre incident that led to the death of a teen girl.

The 17-year-old girl of China, was out partying with men she met earlier in the day for the first time.

When Li Yue returned home to her rented apartment in Dongguan, she showered more than 20 times before dying, her roommate said.

Yue had gone out with a food vendor she knew along with four strange men. After being out for ten hours, she returned in a state of delirium and covered in bruises.

“She kept saying that the room was full of snakes and mice. She got a broom from outside and ran around the room,” her roommate, Tianyuan Feng, said.

Feng said that Yue took least 20 showers, and then came out with a broom while her body was wrapped with a towel.

At that point, the concerned roommate called Yue’s employer, who suggested that she might have been drugged. She took Yue to a hospital, where doctors discovered that Yue had taken ecstasy in the past 48 hours.

Yue was told to stay at the hospital, but she refused and insisted that she had not taken drugs. She left the hospital. When she got home, Yue went to bed and asked her roommate for water.

When Feng returned with the drink, Yue had stopped breathing. Yue was confirmed dead when the ambulance arrived at her apartment. May she rest in peace.