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Former police officer arrested for selling drugs with her kids in the car

By Mason White 10:33 AM November 4, 2014
Gloria Evangeline Suazo 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman was fired from her position as a police officer after she was caught selling drugs.

However, the Colorado officer did not learn her lesson after being fired.

The former Walsenburg police officer was arrested again for selling crack cocaine in Pueblo, with two of her children present in her car.

Gloria Evangeline Suazo, 31, pleaded guilty to distributing heroin while her children, aged 12 and 5, were in the car.

An arrest affidavit said that police were on a stakeout to catch drug dealers when Suazo was arrested for the second time.

Suazo joined the Walsenburg Police Department last year, and was accused of selling drugs while she was a police officer.

Suazo faces at least five years in prison on the heroin charge. A judge allowed her to be free on $20,000 bail until sentencing, so she can care for her children.

Her husband was also arrested after he was caught in possession of a gun at a nearby bar. However, the judge warned that if she violated her release conditions, he would lock her up immediately.