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Governor posts photo of woman’s behind on his Twitter page

By Mason White 4:41 PM November 5, 2014
Photo posted by Governor Jay Nixon 

By: Tanya Malhotra
The governor of Missouri, uploaded an embarrassing picture on his Twitter page, according to photos circulating on the Internet.

Democrat Jay Nixon tweeted a photo of himself and a constituent voting at the polls on Tuesday.

The only problem is that the woman’s pants traveled down so low that her behind was showing. The tweet, which has been online for about 20 minutes, was deleted from the official Twitter page of the governor.

Now, the Twitter page only shows a picture of Nixon voting in a different pose without the woman’s behind staring at us. “That’s why Missouri is called the ‘Show Me State,’” Lauren Boyer wrote.

“Missouri Governor Jay Nixon was up and voting at the ‘crack’ of dawn this morning,” Doug Powers wrote.

A spokesperson for the governor said that the photo was taken and uploaded without realizing that the woman’s behind was showing, and when staffers were made aware of the issue the photo was immediately deleted.