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Man waiting for food at restaurant commits suicide in front of large crowd

By Mason White 9:26 AM November 5, 2014
Burger illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A man placed an order at a restaurant and then committed suicide before his food arrived.

The man of Ukraine, was in line at the restaurant on Cathedral Street, to buy pizzas and burgers, but gave up on his order and went outside.

He then wedged his head into a metal fence and twisted himself until he broke his neck and died.

Police of Sumy, are investigating the bizarre suicide, which took place amid the lunchtime rush.

Witnesses told police that the man was talking on the phone and was being very loud. He spoke about not having a job.

The man then walked out of the restaurant and committed suicide. People who witnessed the act, began screaming, which caused people from inside the restaurant to look out the window and witness the man killing himself.

Police said that the 30-year-old dead man had no identification on him. Police will use the man’s cell phone to help them identify him.