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Mother asks judge not to kill man who raped and killed her baby

By Mason White 11:52 AM November 5, 2014
Charles Frederick Warner 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A woman asked a judge not to execute a man for raping and killing her baby.

Shonda Waller, the mother of Adrianna Waller, who was killed at 11 months old, has asked the Oklahoma authorities not to pursue the death sentence for the man who brutally killed her daughter.

Charles Frederick Warner is scheduled to be executed in the next few months, for the murder he committed many years ago.

Warner was the boyfriend of Waller at the time he raped, physically abused and killed her baby. An autopsy showed that the baby suffered a fractured skull, a broken jaw and bruises consistent with shaken baby syndrome, and rape.

Warner was convicted of first-degree murder and was scheduled to be executed by lethal injection. However, Waller said that she does not want the state to kill the man in her daughter’s name.

Waller, who was 22 years old when her daughter was killed, is a Christian, and believes that only God should be the one taking a life.

She believes that the person who kills Warner, is “is no different than him.”

Waller wants her former boyfriend to stay in prison without the possibility of parole so he can live with the guilt and the consequences of his actions.