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Bride runs from shop in underwear after bridesmaids help her steal gown and dresses

By Mason White 12:25 PM November 5, 2014
Bridal shop owner Danijela Jelencic 

By: Wayne Morin
Police In Croatia, said that they will be keeping an eye on every bride who is getting married in the next few months, as they are looking for a stolen wedding gown.

According to authorities, a bride fled from a bridal shop in her underwear after her bridesmaids grabbed a handful of dresses and a wedding gown before running outside.

The women got into a waiting BMW. Moments later, the bride dressed only in her underwear ran out of the store and also hopped into the waiting car.

The shop owner, Danijela Jelencic, 34, said that while the bride was trying on her third wedding gown, the women accompanying her ran away with their bridesmaid dresses as well as with the second gown that the bride tried on.

The bride then took off the third gown and ran after them in just her underwear.

A police spokesperson said that they will be keeping an eye on all future weddings to see where the stolen dresses will turn up.