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Son jailed for stealing $80,000 from terminally ill father

By Mason White 2:46 PM November 6, 2014
Mark Tennant 

By: Chan Yuan
A man was arrested on charges of theft after he stole 50,000 pounds ($80,000) from his father, police in the United Kingdom said.

Now, 36-year-old Mark Tennant, who defrauded his terminally-ill father out of almost 50,000 pounds ($80,000), has been ordered to pay back 27,000 pounds ($44,000).

Tennant of Davies Way, Sidcup, was sentenced at the Inner London Crown Court after pleading guilty to defrauding his father.

Relatives of Tennant’s father contacted police after they became concerned that money was missing from the father’s accounts.

After a police investigation, it eventually emerged that Tennant had been stealing money over a two-year period from his father, while he was acting as his full-time paid caretaker.

The fraud came to light when Tennant’s father became so ill as to require full-time medical care. When looking into his finances in order to pay for any potential care options, his relatives realized that thousands of pounds were missing from his accounts.

Detectives from the Criminal Finance Team based at the Lewisham police station, quickly put in place a restraining order on the funds that Tennant was due to inherit following his father’s death.

Detectives charged Tennant with fraud by false representation, and he was eventually convicted of the offense. He was sentenced to 20 months imprisonment.

Detective Sergeant Michael McElroy from the Met’s Criminal Finance Team based at the Lewisham police station said:

“Tennant took advantage of his position of trust to steal almost 50,000 pounds from his terminally ill father. The fraud came to light when his father needed to use money for full-time healthcare, money he had saved up over his lifetime. Indeed, his father discovered the extent of what his son had stolen, just prior to his death. I can only describe Tennant’s deeds as utterly heartless. His father was an honest and decent man, who had worked his whole life. I hope this case helps to highlight that police can assist other families who may find themselves in similar situations.”