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Woman seeks out and falls in love with man who anonymously donated his sperm to her (video)

By Mason White 6:45 PM November 6, 2014
Scott Anderson, Aminah Hart, and Leila 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A woman of Australia, tracked down and fell in love with a man who donated his sperm to her for artificial insemination, ABC reported.

Aminah Hart had lost two babies to a genetic disorder passed from mother to child.

At 42 years old and newly single, she felt that an anonymous sperm donation and IVF was her last chance to become the mother of a healthy child.

Three pieces of paper that describe the characteristics of each potential donor were all she had to make her decision. Scott Anderson, who was one of the five donors Hart looked at, described himself as happy and healthy on the forms.

Hart chose him to be the father of her child. Two years later, Hart gave birth two a baby girl she named Leila. Hart, who never met her own father, became curious about the anonymous man who helped make her daughter.

Hart searched Google, and found clues of who might be the father. She made a formal request to meet Anderson. Hart met Andersen for the first time, just before their daughter’s first birthday.

After a few weeks, Hart and Anderson fell in love with each other.