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Married woman killed by her lover after cheating on him with a third man

By Mason White 3:43 PM November 6, 2014
Ambulance illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman was killed by her lover after she cheated on him.

46-year-old Ntsae Mokomame cheated on her husband, but one man was apparently not enough for her, as she cheated on her lover as well.

Now, she is dead and her lover is behind bars.

According to the police, the lover followed Mokomame after she left a bar in Gauteng, South Africa, and allegedly saw her leave with another man.

The lover waited for her and when she was done, he kidnapped, raped and killed her. Her body was found the next morning.

Angry residents found the suspect at his home. They dragged him out, beat him and burned down his house.
He was saved by the police and was taken to the Tembisa Hospital.

Ntsae Mokomame’s husband, Simon, 61, said that his wife left home on Sunday morning, but he did not know where she went.

“I was sleeping because I was working the night shift,” he said. “When I went to work, my wife was still not home. Two women came knocking on my door to tell me that my wife’s body had been found,” Simon said.

“It broke my heart, but there was nothing I could do. Cheating killed my wife,” he added.

The suspect allegedly confessed to the crime. He said that he killed Mokomame because she cheated on him.

Warrant Officer Nelda Sekgobela said that the suspect is facing rape and murder charges. Police also confirmed that the suspect has been convicted of rape in 1989.