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Woman finds photos of her husband cheating on her with their dog

By Mason White 1:09 PM November 9, 2014
Heidi and James Reed 

By: Feng Qian
A woman said that her husband was jealous because she spent too much time with her dog.

Heidi Reed found pictures of her husband having sex with their Staffordshire bull terrier.

Heidi, 33, suspected that her husband James, 49, was cheating with another woman, and searched his cell phone for clues.

What she found was shocking to her. James had sex with their family dog. “What he has done is sickening. I thought he was a lovely caring person, but he is really a monster,” Heidi said.

The couple, of Rugeley, England, bought the dog named Evie, shortly after their dream wedding. Heidi immediately fell in love with dog, but her husband was jealous with their closeness. He would yell at the dog saying: “That bloody dog is always with you,” she said.

“When James lost his job and became different at home, he was secretive and acting strangely,” she also said.

Heidi thought her husband might be cheating on her so she checked his phone and discovered that he had sex with the dog.

James was arrested, and he later pleaded guilty to bestiality.
Despite the conviction, he avoided a jail sentence. He was ordered to do community service.

He was also placed on the Sex Offenders Registry for five years. However, he was not prohibited from owning pets.