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Man attacks his own car with ax for not starting

By Mason White 1:12 PM November 9, 2014
The car 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man became upset one morning, when his car refused to start.

In a fit of rage, he destroyed the car with an ax.

The man of Italy, bought the car to help him get to work on time. However, when the car did not start, he took the ax and smashed the car.

Spartaco Capon, 34, who works as an accountant, bought the Fiat 500 because public transportation caused him to be late for work.

His plan backfired when the vehicle failed to start at his home in Lissone, making him late again.

Police said that Capon, attacked the car with the ax, filling the body of the vehicle with over a hundred holes. He also smashed the side mirrors. The car was declared totaled.

At first, police were suspicious about the incident.

“Normally people do not break their own car, but Capon was able to prove it was indeed his car,” said police spokesperson Anastasio Gallo.

“We think he must have been under a lot of stress at work lately,” Gallo said. Capon was taken to a local hospital where doctors helped him calm down.

Capon is receiving psychiatric care at the local hospital, where doctors said that he would benefit by relaxing a few days.