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Man kicks out his wife of 12 years from his home because she does not know how to make love

By Mason White 4:20 PM November 10, 2014
Man in bed with his mistress illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man has banned his wife and three kids from the family home after claiming that the woman does not know how to make love, according to divorce documents filed in Nigeria.

Biniyo Ibiniyo said that he has invited his mistress into the home to take his wife’s place.

The husband of Lagos, asked a judge to dissolve his 12-year-old marriage to Abosode Ibiniyo.

The wife told the court that since her husband met and began dating his mistress, his behavior changed, and he began to accuse her of not knowing how to make love.

Abosode Ibiniyo also told the court that her husband was very happy with her until he met the new woman, who destroyed their marriage.

The husband admitted to sleeping with the other woman, but blamed his wife for his actions. He told the court that Abosode Ibiniyo was disrespectful to him and his family.

The judge in the case ordered the couple to make peace for the benefit their children.