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15-year-old girl jailed for running sophisticated prostitution ring

By Mason White 12:57 PM November 10, 2014
Prostitute illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A 15-year-old girl ran a prostitution ring.

She charged men $400 for one sex session.

The teenager of Canada, has now been sentenced to six and a half years in prison after being charged as an adult.

Kailey Oliver-Machado, now 18 years old, would contact girls as young as 13 years old through Facebook and Twitter, and offered to pay them to attend a sleepover party in Ottawa.

Some girls came with their teddy bears and pajamas, according to authorities. The victims would then be plied with drugs and forced to pose for semi-nude photos, which were then sent to Johns.

Some of the men came over to the house and the young teens were forced to perform sexual acts. They were threatened with violence if they did not comply.

Some girls were taken by taxi to the homes of men who paid $400 for sex. Oliver-Machado forced the girls to hand her the money they earned.

Oliver-Machado was convicted of 27 charges, including human trafficking, sexual assault and making and possessing child pornography.

She was one of three girls who were responsible for the ring. The others cannot be named because of their ages.

Justice Diane Lahaie gave her the maximum sentence, saying that Oliver-Machado was “highly intelligent”
and she ran a “sophisticated and well-organized human trafficking enterprise that included wardrobes and client lists.”