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Father uses meat cleaver to cut off hand of his attacker

By Mason White 3:25 PM November 10, 2014
Arm in cast illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A man of Australia, was cleared of all charges after he chopped off the hand of his attacker.

The Sydney truck driver has been found not guilty after cutting off the hand of one of 3 gunmen, who attacked him on his way to work.

8-year-old Majid al-Asadi, a father of 6 children, was targeted following a campaign of intimidation by a family who accused him of stealing a cell phone that contained “sensitive information.”

Al-Asadi said that his wife had been attacked, his car and his house have been set on fire and in the latest attack he was jumped by three people.

The incident began last year, when Al-Asadi was shot with a Taser and one of the attackers threw a butcher knife, hitting Al-Asadi in the knee.

As he tried to escape, he was chased by a knife-wielding man. The man tripped and dropped the meat cleaver.

Al-Asadi grabbed the meat cleaver from his attacker and chopped off the left arm of one of his attackers.

The man was hospitalized and surgeons were able to reattach his hand. Now, Al-Asadi was cleared of the grievous bodily harm charge brought against him.

“This is a unique case in which a victim of continuous threats and violence was charged by the police and prosecuted for circumstances in which he was the victim,” Al-Asadi’s attorney, Abdullah Reslan, said.