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Group of men strip woman of her clothes and force her to ride a donkey (video)

By Mason White 3:24 PM November 11, 2014

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) 39 people were arrested on charges of assault after allegedly stripping a woman of her clothes and forcing her to ride a donkey, police in India said.

Rajasthan Police said that the 45-year-old woman was paraded on the donkey throughout her village on Saturday night, after being accused of killing her nephew.

The group of men also blackened her face with coal dust and cut her hair.

The incident began when the woman was charged with murder by the village council after she allegedly killed her nephew, who had died.

The village elder issued his ruling and the group of men stormed her house. They cut her hair, blackened her face and stripped of clothes.

She was then placed on a donkey and paraded throughout the village for 10 minutes. The woman is now being cared for by family members.

After filing a complaint about the incident with police, detectives raided the village and arrested 39 people.

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