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Walmart employee uses deodorant and returns it to shelf

By Mason White 6:31 PM November 11, 2014
Chandler Roberts 

By: Feng Qian
A Walmart employee was arrested on charges of theft after allegedly using deodorant on himself before returning it to the shelf, police in South Carolina said.

Spartanburg Police said that they arrested 18-year-old Chandler Roberts, after being accused by his boss of stealing many items at the store.

Roberts began having problems with Walmart, when security guards saw him on surveillance camera taking milk and cookies that were not paid for from the store shelves and consuming the items in the break room.

When his boss confronted him, the teen allegedly confessed to the robbery. He also was accused of stealing more than $1,800 in merchandise from the store.

Police said that on at least two occasions, surveillance cameras caught Roberts taking deodorant off the shelf and smearing it on his armpits.

He later returned the used sticks to the shelf. It is unclear whether these items were ever sold to the public.