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Woman devastated after losing her husband to another man

By Mason White 12:39 PM November 11, 2014
Kussie Mkwanazi 

By: Feng Qian
A woman was shocked to find her husband in their bed with another man.

The 29-year-old woman said that she lost the only man she ever loved to the other man.

Kussie Mkwanazi of Johannesburg, South Africa, is devastated that her seven-year marriage was built on a lie.

“My marriage was not perfect, but I over looked at a lot of things, thinking that everything would be fine,” she said tearfully.

Mkwanazi said that her husband, 39-year-old Xolani Mashikwe, told her that he felt trapped in the marriage and wanted out. “I was confused but he refused to give me answers,” she said.

Mkwanazi admits that there were red flags in the past. “He would tell me about men who he thought liked him,” she said.

When the couple started having problems in the bedroom, Mashikwe blamed it on stress.

One day, Mkwanazi came home and found her husband in bed with another man, and she felt very betrayed.

The man filed for divorce soon after he was caught, saying he was unhappy.