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Pastor sleeps with 11-year-old girl and gets her pregnant

By Mason White 4:52 PM November 12, 2014
Pregnant woman illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A pastor was arrested on charges of rape after allegedly sleeping with a young girl until she became pregnant, police in Nigeria said.

Delta State Police said that they arrested 32-year-old Solomon Eze, after being accused of sleeping with the 11-year-old girl of Iju Ishaga.

Eze was the pastor at the Hepzibah Assembly of all Nations International church. The incident began when the pastor told the mother of the girl that she had to leave her house to escape certain death.

Eze invited the mother and the girl into the church, and the pastor began sleeping with the young girl until she became pregnant.

Eze threatened the girl with death if she did not keep quiet about the affair. The girl was taken to a hospital after she complained of severe stomach pains.

An ultrasound however, revealed that she was expecting a baby. In court, the pastor pleaded not guilty to two charges rape.